thecxofortune > 10 Most Influential Companies Of The Year 2020



Scott Taylor, Co-Founder & CEO 

SRX is a healthcare company, established by a group of experts in long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing space to ease the complexity of pharmacy spend. SRX has developed a propriety technology that accesses extensive data. Read more…..


Lisa Quarterman, CEO & Managing Partner

VativoRx specializes in pharmacy benefits management, providing online electronic claims processing and clinical services. The company offers a true alternative to the status quo in pharmacy benefits management. Read more…..

APiS North America, LLC

Lynn M. Johnson, President; Chad Johnson, Vice President

APiS North America entered the market in 1992 and its APIS IQ-Software has been received as the most innovative Risk analysis software, which speaks volumes about the company. APiS North America is now channeling resources to provide training, consulting, and support to its customers through the web-based methodology. Read more…..

Euro Exim Bank Ltd

Kaushik Punjani, Director 

Euro Exim Bank is one of the young and revolutionary financial institutions that operate internationally. Founded in 2015, the EEB specializes in connecting customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to economically and efficiently export and import services. Read more…..

A Wellness Revolution

Cathleen Beerkens, Founder 

A Wellness Revolution is an organization founded by Integrative Health Coach Cathleen Beerkens in 2018. The company was founded to bring new information and understanding to help the healthcare and wellness industries. Read more…..

eHotel AG

Fritz Zerweck, CEO 

eHotel AG is an Avant-grade platform offering hotel booking solutions to corporate and private clients for nearly two decades. The company is a key resource for providing clients to find good hotels at a reasonable price and simplifying the booking procedure. Read more…..

Strategic Innovations

Royce Newcomb, Founder & Chief Design 

Strategic Innovations is a group of creative types who love inventing products and brands while creating success through innovative ideas. Founded in 2015, the company invents, designs, creates, and develops all the products with the Founder Royce Newcomb as their sole inventor. Read more…..

LUXE Digital Now LLC

Jacqueline Hudson, CEO & Founder 

Creative spirit has been the driving force behind the formation of LUXE Digital Now LLC that helps grow and transform brands by connecting to a diverse audience. The company aims to restructure the digital marketing landscape that can further build strategies to transform a business. Read more…..

AmeriPro EMS

Suhas Uppalapati, President & CEO 

AmeriPro EMS has seen the growing need for efficient and safe medical transportation and is one of the fastest-growing Emergency Medical Services or EMS. AmeriPro is built to empower and enable EMS technicians, making the quality of service the core focus of the company. Read more…..

Stellar Cyber

Changming Liu, CEO 

Stellar Cyber is the key definitive cyber security guide to help deal with the never-ending, always-looming cyber threats in the digitized world. The Starlight platform from the company rounds up all the different datasets and brings all the cyber security analysis into one mighty management console. Read more…..