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AI to rapidly transform Customer Experience by 2022

Artificial Intelligence will rapidly transform how businesses interact with their customers in the next 3 years. This has been revealed by the survey of 1,004 leaders in diverse businesses held by MIT Technology Review ‘The AI Agenda Globally’. It has found that the most active department for AI deployment today is customer service.

Customer Service will continue as the chief area for use of AI by businesses through 2022 according to 73% of the respondents. This was followed by Marketing and Sales with 59%.

Businesses have primarily invested in AI for customer service in recent years for enhancing efficiency. This is by decreasing the times for processing of calls and resolution for complaints. Business leaders in the field of customer experience have also deployed AI for enhancing intimacy. This is for a deeper level of customer comprehension, driving customization, and creating personalized experiences.

The personalization aspect of Sales and Marketing involves ‘analytical engagement’ – understanding the time and manner of customer interaction. It depends on the individuality of the customer and their position at the buying cycle. This also includes the product/service being bought and their individual choices for communication.

The data from the survey also reveals that for large-customer base industries the maximum chief use cases of AI are personalization of services and products and customer care. These include Hospitality and Travel, Retail and Consumer Goods, and Telecommunications, and IT.