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Apple acquires ML Start-up for Data Enhancement in SIRI

Technology giant Apple Inc. has acquired Inductiv Inc. the Machine Learning Start-up. This adds to the more than a dozen acquisitions by the firm in the last few years that relate to AI.

The Waterloo, Ontario based Inductive Engineering team joined Apple recently for working on SIRI – Data Science and Machine Learning. The deal has been confirmed by Apple. The company said that it acquires smaller tech firms regularly and generally its plans or purposes are not discussed.

Inductive had developed technology that used AI for automating the task to identify and correct errors in data. Clean data is essential for Machine Learning that is a powerful and popular type of AI. It assists in improving software with minimal human intervention.

The work falls under the stream of Data Science that is a crucial element of a broader strategy by Apple for Machine Learning. The company also brought on many engineers from Silicon Valley Data Science in 2018. It is a consulting firm that specializes in this area.

The Apple Executive-in-charge of Machine Learning and SIRI John Giannandrea has been upgrading the inherent technology. This is for the digital assistant SIRI and other products from the company that are powered by AI.

Apple acquired Voysis in 2020 for boosting recognition of speech by SIRI. It also bought NextVR – the virtual-reality Start-up and Dark Sky – the popular iPhone app for weather.