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The Axle Eight Edge

Axle Eight is a boutique digital marketing company that has been serving B2B tech corporations globally. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company supports labels that need innovative marketing support with their strategic marketing approach, including SEO, content development, paid ads, PR, social media, email marketing, and automation of CRM. Their strong belief in marketing as a connecting thread between customers and brands sets them apart from others. Axle eight helps businesses communicate with their target markets and capture them.

This enthusiastic team of experienced professionals came together to conceive Axle Eight as an anti-agency company. Axle Eight concentrates on solutions with a people-first approach, which translates into better ROI for every solution they implement for their clients.

A different company culture

Axle Eight’s strong beliefs in taking a personal and flexible approach to client relationships are what makes them desirable among the many digital agencies in the market. The agency not only has a tight-knit, relaxed, and uplifting culture but considers people as its strength. The team works alongside the clients to bring customized marketing strategies to life, which drives client longevity.

Axel Eight loves partnering with brands of a similar mindset. And why not? Axle Eight defies the “one process fits all” marketing strategy to include solutions that can supercharge growth for businesses willing to push the limits while benefiting from flexible contracts with their agency. A win-win for both the client and the agency.

The game changers

Their unique approach to marketing is their key differentiator. With the combination of creative new-age technologies and a flexible contract model, Axle Eight’s customers find comfort and see better returns on investments from their marketing relationship.

David Armstrong, Co-Founder, and President of Monument Wealth Management, is an esteemed client. They were searching for an agency that was just like them; someone who has a fresh outlook with a modern perspective. He believes Axle Eight has done a great job with their marketing communication and implementation.

Even Axle Eight Founder Kim Grennan is proud about how the agency has managed to position itself in the highly competitive market. Axle Eight, the anti-agency agency as they love to call themselves, believes in no fluff, high-quality, high conversion strategies that resonate at a human level. The company continually tries to push its boundaries to develop innovative and engaging solutions, which is among the key reasons it has been growing with new client acquisitions in recent times.

Axle Eight continues its flexible approach to agreements in addition to providing innovative solutions. They understand the pressure on companies and management to deliver continuous  results, which can lead to client losses, and many times this can lead to contractual issues. Axle Eight provides a fixed flat-rate month-to-month retainer, a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and does not lock businesses into long-term delivery contracts. This way, the client feels free to cancel the contract whenever without any reason, and the onus is on the axle eight teams to not give them any reason to do so.

Axle Eight has managed to partner with over 65 businesses in just four years, including Nvstr, Pegasus, Calibrum, and Bytegrid. The whole organization is proud of their achievements, which motivates them to move forward with gusto.

Future of Axle Eight

The rapidly growing business intends to collaborate with companies across the globe who are bold, like-minded businesses and fast-growing. Kim believes that putting themselves in the process was initially a considerable risk, especially when they operated with corporate, B2B organizations where this was no means to address marketing unconventionally. Ultimately, their formula has paid off remarkably over the years.

Axle Eight, the anti – agency digital marketing company, is the best door to knock for any organization, be it startups, SMBs & corporates looking for a modern approach to marketing and customer acquisition. Their services portfolio is enviable and includes SEO to paid advertising, content creation, public relations, email marketing, social media, CRM & process automation. In addition, the considerable marketing experience of the team is the icing on the cake for their clients.

Kim Grennan

Kim Grennan

CEO & Founder

Axle Eight's Management

With Carley Meyers as The Director of operations, President Amanda Tegtmeyer is thrilled at the agency's growth and continues its pursuit of excellence in its anti agency way. CEO & Founder Kim Grennan who leads all initiatives, brings a fresh perspective to marketing. As a team, they drive their client's marketing agenda forward with transformative thought leadership principles that incorporate public relations.

Grennan fancies themselves as the anti-agency company that leads the change that the marketing world, to throw the old agency playbook out the window and concentrate on a human-first mentality. "The human-first approach translates throughout everything we do – both internally and with our customers," stated Grennan.