Bringing Happiness With Fertility Services

Bringing Happiness With Fertility Services

Life begins when a single woman, a single man or a couple who loves each other, dream of having a baby. Each of them is a miracle. Though at times, some couples have to opt for Assisted Reproduction, and the desire to find a trusted clinic becomes imperative.

Institut Marquès is a center of international renown in Gynaecology and Assisted Reproduction with almost a century of experience. It has become an international reference in its sector, with a presence in four European countries. Led and managed by Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Institut Marquès treats patients from over 50 countries.

The History & The Familial Affiliation

Institut Marquès owes its name to the family whose members have represented the center’s unity and continuity throughout time. Dr. Vicens Marquès i Bertran (Barcelona, 1895-1977) began practicing as a gynecologist in 1922, ninety-eight years ago.

Around the end of the ’80s, both the elder son, Dr. Leonardo Marquès Amorós, and Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, initiated their activity at Institut Marquès. They introduced very advanced techniques for the time, such as surgical and diagnostic hysteroscopy, and improved the already existing assisted reproduction techniques. In 1989, they inaugurated their first In Vitro Fertilisation Laboratory. Throughout the following years, the laboratory kept on expanding and incorporated the newest techniques.

The fourth generation of gynaecologists of the Marquès family, Dr. Borja Marquès, is now also part of the clinic’s team.


The Visionary

The company’s CEO, Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, appears among the top 10% of the most influential researchers in the world, according to the platform Research Gate. Her book, “I want to get pregnant now!” has become an essential fertility guide. She is also the author of “”, with more than 850,000 readers. She was awarded at Harvard University for her studies on fetal hearing and recently awarded as “Best Physician of the Year in Assisted Reproduction” in Spain.

An Introduction to The Services Offered

Institut Marquès offers a wide range of first-class fertility services and personalized care. A specialized, multi-lingual assistance team, guides the patients during the treatment. With a staff of nearly 200 people, the center’s headquarters are in Barcelona, (Spain) and it is also present in Ireland (Dublin and Clane), UK (London), Italy (Rome, and Milan).

Pioneer in innovation, Institut Marquès uses state-of-the-art technologies to benefit the well-being of the patients and to perfect the assisted reproductions techniques, such as PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing), pregnancy control, and fetal stimulation.

The center has a broad portfolio of services with its own Premium Sperm Bank and a broad program of gamete and embryo donation. It offers several alternatives for patients that need a donor Artificial Insemination or an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), depending on whether they want to use anonymous or identifiable donors.

They have several specialized treatment units: Genetic Advice and Hereditary Diseases Unit, Recurrent Miscarriage Unit, Oncology, and Reproductive Medicine Unit and Andrology Unit.

Understanding The Current Scenario

Fertility problems have increased over the past years. This is due to different factors, such as the delay in the age for having the first child, as well as the sperm quality, which has been decreasing in recent years, especially in industrialized areas. Also, we must consider the appearance of new family models that expand the profile of women who opt for motherhood, either as a couple or on their own.

At the same time, Assisted Reproduction techniques have very quickly improved, and many families have achieved their dream of becoming parents thanks to fertility treatment.

Given the legal frame and a long tradition in quality and innovation in health matters, Spain is the European country where more assisted reproduction treatments are carried out. Institut Marquès has the best success rates, 91% per cycle for IVF with Egg Donation, 72% for IVF with own eggs, and 62% for IVF with Preimplantation Genetic Testing in patients with risk of chromosomal abnormality.

An Innovative Hub

They are constantly carrying out innovative scientific studies to improve Assisted Reproduction treatments. Music, mobile technology, telemedicine, and virtual reality are some of the innovations that Institut Marquès is already using in its clinics.

They have developed a world pioneer innovation project intending to improve IVF by implementing music in all their embryo incubators in their assisted reproduction laboratories. Scientific studies have demonstrated that micro music vibrations produce movements similar to those that fertilized eggs experience in their journey through the fallopian tubes and the uterus; they stir the culture medium, achieving a more homogeneous distribution of nutrients and scattering the waste metabolites.

On the other hand, mobile phones have turned into another technological ally. The Embryomobile app, developed by Institut Marquès, allows parents to follow-up on their embryos while they are in the incubator from any location. It is a commitment to transparency that, furthermore, reduces the stress of the mother considerably, favoring the implantation to achieve pregnancy. Institut Marquès is the only center where patients can see how their embryos are.

Telemedicine is the medicine of the future. In this area, Institut Marquès is using videoconferences to communicate with patients all over the world. Besides, the center has developed and patented the Sperm Freezekit. This new technique allows patients to cryopreserve their sperm anywhere in the world and send it to the clinic without traveling. This is a practical and convenient solution for males who are away from home and who have difficulties traveling to the clinic to undergo fertility treatment with their partner or, simply, for privacy reasons.

The sample delivery rooms at Institut Marquès have an evocative design and include erotic devices to improve sexual arousement for men, such as virtual reality glasses. This is the Erotic Personal System, a special protocol for obtaining the best sperm. Studies have established a link between semen quality and erotic visual stimulation through virtual reality.

Institut Marquès is committed to creating new success benchmarks, and dedicating a large part of resources to new processes, R&D, and innovation, is part of their identity.