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Hemostemix Inc.

Tapping The Potential of Regenerative Cell Therapy

Hemostemix Inc (HEM) is a Biotechnology Company providing a technology platform for clinical research and development of cell therapies to treat ischemic diseases. 

Every year, North America reports millions of amputation cases, owing to the detection of ischemic diseases. The presence of ischemic diseases is linked to poor circulation of blood to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, toes, feet, and legs. Ischemia occurs in the heart as angina and ischemic cardiomyopathy. It occurs in the lungs of COPD and idiopathic pulmonary hypertension. It occurs in the legs as peripheral arterial disease, then degenerates into critical limb ischemia. These problems are detected majorly during end-stage diabetes in most patients. In a study conducted by the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, it was observed that about 83% of patients taking HEM’s phase II clinical trial for up to 4.5 years were able to save their limb from amputation. It reported fast healing of ulcers and reduction in pain.

Products and services

Hemostemix’s advanced and scalable technology platform allows for faster development of therapies and methods for a wide range of ischemic diseases. The platform uses the patient’s blood, cultures and differentiates the stem cells into angiogenic cell precursors to treat ischemia (loss of circulation to the heart, lungs, or toes, feet, and legs of end-stage diabetics).


In its efforts to spearhead innovation in developing cell therapies for various medical conditions, Hemostemix is in a way the torchbearer in many ways.

Their therapy regenerates blood circulation in a patient and transports the stream to where the body most requires it. The therapy prevents chances of the development of ischemic diseases in patients. 

As a pioneer in the Biotechnology sector, Hemostemix is also dedicatedly working to develop and patent the production processes for medical therapies. The company’s primary aim is to provide advanced autologous stem cell therapy for the treatment of many other diseases. 

The Company owns 91 patents across five patent families.

Thomas Smeenk, President & CEO

Leadership, awards, and recognition

At the helm of Hemostemix is Thomas Smeenk, President & CEO, and is supported by a very experienced and visionary board of directors and a advisory board which comprises of some of the best experts from across the world. The company has been awarded the prestigious World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. The award recognizes emerging and innovative businesses engaged in developing technologies for social development and advancement.

Thomas Smeenk returned as co-founder during November 2019 to rescue the company from a management team who attempted to structure a loan-to-own to walk away with a $250 Million asset. The return of the founder-leader has not only put the company back on track, on a faster growth trajectory with improved investor confidence.


Hemostemix’s future outlook and the road ahead

Hemostemix is targeting to save 1,000,000 limbs lost to amputation in North America each year needlessly.

Hemostemix has provided free treatment to 500 patients as part of their social initiative. The company has a clear goal of enhancing the production processes and cell therapies backed by its technology platform to develop medical procedures further. Its patented stem cell generation technology, which can create ACP-01, an angiogenic cell precursor, and NCP-01, a neuronal cell precursor from a patient’s blood, will help patients suffering from limb ischemia.

The company wants to become the single and most reliable source of autologous stem cell therapy globally. It aims to produce 10 thousand personalized batches of stem cells weekly at the cost of $250 million and aims to achieve a scale of 100 thousand batches per week as the production scales. Meanwhile, Hemostemix will continue to design more studies into NCP-01 to complete phase I, II, and III trials for therapies. With a ready-to-use, 34 million dollar fundraise, the company is all set to enter its next phase of trials with confidence and begin the setup of its manufacturing unit.

The company is planning to set up a manufacturing unit in the Ontario region of Canada. Hemostemix will announce the results of the phase-II clinical trials in the Q2 of 2021. After the successful trials, the company aims to introduce cell therapies to treat conditions like critical limb ischemia, peripheral arterial disease, angina, and congestive heart failure, which is permitted under the ‘Right to Try’ legislation in the USA. 

Recently the company signed the Building Relationships Entrepreneurs & Dealmakers (BREAD) contract with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development. This is an initiative to assist high-potential, biotech-focused Canadian Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs); the program is designed to accelerate the growth of Hemostemix and other Canadian biotechnology companies. Hemostemix will start disseminating its regenerative cell therapies and license the production process of ACP-01 to countries like Japan and S. Korea.