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An Inspiration that led to Conversocial's Inception

An increase in brand/consumer conversations on social media was one of the key drivers that led to the creation of Conversocial – a platform that enables more efficient, satisfying and personalized interactions between big brands and their customers. An enthusiastic team wanted to create something which would be innovative, friendly, and simple to interact with, like the human-to-human interactions we have everyday. The result was Conversocial, which has led innovation in the customer communications industry. The company has expanded over the years to become an integral part of the social marketing landscape. It is among the first engagement platforms to expand support over messaging channels like Whatsapp and Apple Business Chat. Today, their A.I. automation allows consumer engagement to be more predictive and productive.

Exploring Conversocial

It is a platform that allows brand-to-consumer conversations to flow smoothly across messaging channels throughout the entire consumer lifecycle. Conversocial expertly blends bots and human ability in a single platform, offering a superior experience for customers and agents alike.

With the advent of social media, new challenges emerged, and with time, both the customers and the brands that serve them have matured, which was not the same in 2012. Both the brands and the customers have moved to private messaging channels as their preferred method of communication.  To enable their partners to keep pace with these changes, Conversocial is constantly innovating their platform offering.


They are focused on automation and agent conversational design; they provide the unique ability to smoothly integrate agent interactions and bot-based automation into a single conversation, from a single platform. Their aim is to deliver services and experiences that allow the bots and agents to work seamlessly as a single entity.

Conversocial embodies the values that allow them to focus on the needs of each client as the massive digital transformation unfolds globally. The team is passionate, curious and the work environment enables them to unlock their potential, thus driving growth for individuals and the company.

COVID-19: A rock-solid challenge and how they tackled it

Conversocial believes in their people and is dedicated to providing a friendly working environment with a healthy work-life balance. The company ensures comfortable working environs for its employees and this did not change during the pandemic.

At Conversocial the teams who work from home found support and freedom to work from a space that fosters their focus and creativity despite the challenges.

COVID-19 has changed the way companies work, maybe forever. While the daily lifestyles have been adversely affected, Conversocial’s clients have seen a 250% increase in private messaging volume during the pandemic. This requires more inter-team involvement and client interactions to ensure smooth delivery to all those who trust the company to perform despite the difficult times

Success for Conversocial is;

People : Conversocial’s innovation comes from its people. They are the foundation of success. Committed and always ready to give a helping hand and to go that extra mile, the dedicated team of Customer Success Managers, Platform Engineers, and Professional Service Leaders are key contributors to the success of Conversocial.

Unique Technology : Their unique technology is robust and handles all messaging channels, offering a superior experience to customers and agents alike.

The Strength of Processes : Conversocial’s tools and technology follow a process of continuous improvements to leverage changing customer intents and interactions. With years of experience in transforming platforms, processes, and people, they have added value to hundreds of companies.

Advice for Emerging Companies/ Entrepreneurs

Creating a future requires passion and an innate ability to embrace change, enjoy the journey and the challenges it brings. The foundation of any company is the people. Remember to empower them and share the dream with them.

The future beckons

Conversocial is growing, simplifying, improving, and enhancing the ways that brands, bots, and consumers interact. They enhance support for agents as more and more people join social media platforms, leading the evolution of the social media industry. Conversocial utilizes the power of messaging channels, helping brands to adapt how they engage with consumers, improving the online engagement experience for companies and their customers.


Ido Bornstein-HaCohen


The Leader who is showing the way to success

An empowering leader, a CEO with more than fifteen years of executive experience in customer engagement and CRM space, someone who continually seeks to empower the way brands and consumers connect; meet Ido Bornstein-HaCohen.

Ido, who lives with his wife and two boys in NYC, was appointed CEO two years after his joining in 2017 at Conversocial. With a B.A. in Computer Science and an MBA cum laude from Hebrew University he has had a successful career spanning 15 years, including executive leadership positions at LivePerson, and SAP