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Innovative Application Software

In today’s fast-paced world with technological progressions setting the pace of economies, having a digital presence is nothing short of vital. Whether you conduct business online, potential customers are expecting to find you online, and a company’s website or mobile application is the basic controlled forefronts that enable it to stand out between the crowd. Leveraging this trend, Italy-based Easyray provides the development of cross-platform mobile applications as well as the design and development of management systems and websites.

The Foundation Being Laid

Easyray, conceptualized with the ambitious idea of being a strategic partner for companies of any sector and size, was born in 2001 as an independent group. The group developed applications in ASP, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, C, and C ++, and in 2006 it became part of the University of Pisa as a highly qualified ICT group that deals with project planning and digitization. Since the beginning, the team was focused on usability and user experience, these being the foundation of all their projects. They created the UniPOS system (to digitally archive the results of university exams), which has become the official system of the University of Pisa, Milan, Brescia, and Alma Mater in Bologna. In 2008 Easyray was acquired by the Pisa Research Consortium (CPR) and became the IT department for members (Tuscany Region, Province, and Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, etc.), and in December 2012, it separated from the CPR, becoming an independent brand. Easyray has continued its collaboration with the University of Pisa and is still working with CPR members on over 20 projects and has a portfolio of over 60 private companies.

The Nexus

Antonio Raimondo, the CEO and Founder of Easyray, is a project manager and software engineer who graduated from the University of Pisa. Passionate about technology and computer science from a young age, he started developing on the web early on and was one of the first to deal with “mobile dev” in Italy. In the past, he has been a consultant for several large national and international companies, as well as contractually worked with various Italian universities for research and development activities in various topics.

Mission & Goals

The main mission of Easyray is to do each project that they undertake a success and collect customer ideas and enrich them with their experience to create exclusive and innovative projects together. One of the most common challenges that Easyray loves to solve is a situation that seems impossible to achieve. In fact, many of their customers were on the verge of having to give up on their ambitious projects due to development-related problems by other vendors, and then Easyray stepped in and made it work out. We all have to admit that the world will be increasingly technological and automation and streamlining of working times, remote activities, and artificial intelligence that will “replace” a man more and more, will increasingly take hold in the future society, and Easyray has established itself as an expert in the space.

The Proficient Team

Easyray is a company made up of highly motivated professional people. In just about two decades, they have put together a dedicated team of designers and developers, who are perfectly able to help customers achieve their goals. The team members have a strong ability to understand and share the objective of their customer, which become the cornerstone of their problem-solving approach.

After years of in-depth studies in collaboration with the best universities, their team is equipped with the highest level of training and technical expertise. They keep up with all the latest technological developments and deep dive into research, which keeps them ahead in business. To be truly a global entity, they have employed English-speaking IT technicians who bridge the gap between home (Italy) and away easily.

What Does Easyray Offer

Easyray can realize any type of trend, all-round IT services. Their customers are diversified, and their product portfolio includes all the trends. The most developed trends of recent times concern eCommerce systems, home delivery, booking, blockchain technology, and all those where processes tend to be dematerialized. They apply the technology trends that will dominate 2020, from mobile applications to web development, from augmented reality to project management, from training courses to integrated systems, and so on.

The company has grown over the years and now is not only a group of IT developers and engineers, but also includes personnel graduated in economy and web-marketing. Having a multi-vision approach, today, Easyray, therefore, deals with every aspect of the project, both technically and promotionally.

The agility of the company’s structure guarantees an extremely rapid and quality service, making Easyray the reference point for those who relate to a market that changes from time to time.

Key Differentiating Factors

The biggest difference between Easyray and other IT development companies lies in the research background that precedes the realization of a project. Prior to any project, there is a deep research phase to ensure that the creation is well-suited to the customer’s needs, and this research leads them to draft feasibility and user experience documents. Typically, they start from the analysis of the needs and the workflow at the customer’s end to create the software more suitable to its characteristics and issues.

Meet the Leader

Antonio Raimondo is a project manager and software engineer, graduated from the prestigious University of Pisa. Passionate about technology and computer science since he was a boy, he started developing very young on the web and he was one of the first to deal with “mobile dev” in Italy. During his career he has been a consultant for several large national and international companies as well as having contracts with various Italian universities for research and development activities in various topics.

The Roadmap Ahead

Easyray applies the technological trends that will dominate in the near future, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and big data analysis, exploiting the best technologies available and suitable for specific situations.

Geographically, they have an excellent market in Europe and Asia, especially in Dubai (where they have a second office), London, Budapest, and Bucharest. They are implementing programs to improve expansion and enter new markets. As for new technologies, they are very focused on everything required by the market: from the analysis of big data to VR and Augmented reality, without obviously leaving behind all the parts related to payments via blockchain and anything you may ask them to achieve.