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Knowing Ferrovial

Today undoubtedly is the era of sustainable living and development. People believe in producing or manufacturing items that would sustain this planet for the longest time for the world’s populace to benefit from it. Ferrovial believes and works with sustainability as its guide. Ferrovial, a Spanish multinational company established in 1999, is a sustainable infrastructure company that deals with the design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance of transport infrastructure and urban services. The chairman and the founder Mr. Rafael del Pino Calvo, a civil engineer, has played a vital role in transforming the infrastructure of many countries efficaciously. The company is headquartered in Madrid, and has branch offices in 15 countries.

Over the years, they have built commendable transport and residential projects leading to a positive impact on their public image and the stock market valuations. Some of the landmark projects they have executed include,

  • The LBJ Highway and North Tarrant Express in the USA,
  • ETR 407 in Canada,
  • T2A at the Heathrow Airport in the UK,
  • T4 at Adolfo Suarez Madrid – Barajas Airport in Spain,
  • Line 6 of Santiago de Chile’s underground system, and
  • The Pacific Highway in Australia.

Their commitment to the environment makes them unique amongst their peers. Ferrovial has established innovative projects like the Foresight, an open innovation platform aiming to change the transport infrastructure and mobility sector’s future. With a team of 95,978 employees and growing, they are marching towards a better future driven by the vision of the founders and leaders.

Company Culture & Ethics

Ferrovial demands the best from every employee and compensates for efforts in a competitive manner. They follow a policy of fair, transparent compensation designed to reward achievements and personal merit.

Based on your position and the legislation in each country, compensation includes performance bonuses, insurance, transport, and child care services, long-term incentives, and more.

Every 2 years the company holds recognition programs for internal innovations to award employees. The goal of this recognition program is to promote newer ideas and innovative responses to a series of challenges posed by business units.

Their vision and values that drive them to success include excellence, integrity, respect, innovation, and collaboration

Sustainable Development

Ferrovial is committed to the building and construction side of the business and is also involved in waste management, public services, and conservation of facilities and buildings. Ferrovial operates through four divisions, namely,

Highways: They have a subsidiary named Cintra, through which they have been operating the highways of over nine countries for the past 50 years.

Construction: Ferrovial has different brands that are the face of their construction business. They have been constructing highways, tunnels, bridges, and airports.

Airports: The team of professionals at Ferrovial has been developing, operating, and managing large airports such as Glasgow, Heathrow, Southampton, and more, for over 20 years.

Services: This part of their business is dedicated to designing, conservation, maintenance, management, operation of infrastructure. The Ferrovial Services’ management and service model works on lean manufacturing fundamentals and incorporates innovation, data analysis, and the IoT.

Ferrovial has completed more than 750 projects in 50 countries. Ferrovial not only undertakes infrastructure projects, but it was also involved in developing a smart robot for optimized cleaning of Zity carshare vehicles. They strive to mold their services and ideas along the path of technological development, which they understand as the need of today and the future.

Ferrovial’s immense achievements have not gone unnoticed and their list of awards is all you will need to be convinced of their stature. In 2020 the company stood tall amongst its peers with its recognitions as below,

  1. 2020 IRF Global Road Achievement Award
  2. National AGC Safety Award
  3. ENT 2020 Global Best Projects Award
  4. Ranked among the Top 15 Construction Companies Worldwide
  5. Recognized at the 12th Caminos de Madrid Awards (Civil Engineer Awards)

Future of Ferrovial

Ferrovial has been raising the bar every year and with every project through its unique ideas. Their efficiency in maintaining, conserving, and managing the infrastructure after its construction has added to their popularity and success. They started developing 5G smart roads with advanced monitoring, sensorization, and simulation to meet future generations’ infrastructure demands. Their projects showcase their commitment to innovate for a better future, where development is done for the environment, not at its cost!


Ignacio Madridejos


Leadership and Vision

No organization or company can reach its pinnacle of success without the support of a dedicated and committed team. The management of Ferrovial is the core strength of the firm and has successfully delivered to its responsibility of taking Ferrovial to newer heights and sustained growth. Mr. Ignacio Madridejos is the CEO of this renowned company whose vision is built on three pillars:

1. Better future through the development and operation of sustainable infrastructures and cities.
2. Commitment to the highest levels of safety, operational excellence, and innovation.
3. Create value for society and for our clients, investors, and employees.