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In-display Fingerprint Sensor to come to iPhone by 2021


When Apple released its iphone X series, it removed the Touch ID an installed Face ID for better security. However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, apple will bring out the Touch ID again with an in-display fingerprint sensor on it screens by the year 2021 along with the Face ID. Kuo claims that having two ways of authenticating the user will complement each other and enhance the security of the device.

The idea of a complimentary security system of Touch and Face ID is quite intriguing. It speaks the possibility of two-factor authentication using biometric systems. It could significantly reduce the number of phone hacks. And although Face ID was cracked down by hackers just 24 hours after its launch, the combination of both the ID systems could enhance the security levels.

Speaking of the predictive analyst here, Kuo, has a clean track record of predicting Apple’s moves quite accurately. However, with this prediction, we can’t be too sure. This is because the possibility of Apple changing its plans over two years is a huge variable factor. But who knows, the prospect of a dual biometric system does sound promising.

Moreover, having an in-display fingerprint display is also at the top end of the technology spectrum. Having first introduced in Vivo’s X20 Plus UD, the in-display fingerprint screens have since then boomed to various other smartphones. Maybe, Apple might catch up to it sooner or later.


Apple Watch might have ceramic and titanium models next


The new beta for watchOS has revealed Apple’s plans for its next Watch. The new models might come in ceramic and titanium models. Just a few days after the new iPhone 11 series announcement date was revealed, various reports and references for the new materials in the Watch have surfaced.

The latest beta testing of watchOS 6 is underway already. If the surfacing reports are true, the ceramic and the titanium models will have the 40mm and 44mm versions. In fact, iHelp BR has strong evidence of the animations for the Apple Watch setup process.

Having a gadget in titanium is a first for Apple. The recent Apple Card is the first time that Apple has used titanium in its products. However, Apple launched a ceramic watch back when it released its Series 2 and Series 3 watches. But it had stopped without introducing it for the Series 4 Apple Watch.

So this brings us to a whole lineup of questions. Will the new watches with titanium and ceramic be a bigger part of the Series 5 Apple Watches? Or, will it just be a fresh release of the Series 4? Apple will certainly answer these questions at its iPhone 11 launch soon.


Samsung’s Galaxy Book S is a quirky device!


Samsung has just made a couple of announcements at its Galaxy Note 10 event. Among them is Galaxy Book S, a device that is loaded with good features of a smartphone and a laptop. the Galaxy Book S comes with the advantage of a Windows 10 operating system. For the hardware, Samsung has inculcated the battery life of a smartphone that can run for 23 hours. The gadget also has the LTE data advantage of a smartphone.

Along with this, Samsung has also introduced the Qualcomm 8cx processor. The exterior surface of the Galaxy Book S is “ultra-thin” and “ultra-light” weighing 2.11 pounds. When you compare the ‘feel’ of the laptop, it’s closer to Apple’s MacBook Air rather than Microsoft’s Surface. Moreover, Samsung has introduced a lot of ‘phone feel’ in the Galaxy Book S.

Although it’s a little too early to say how the device functions, the device seems to be having all the best of everything Samsung can lay its hands on. There’s Windows 10 and the long-lasting battery Samsung is promising. the powerful processor also means speed and agility. Galaxy Book S will be available a month from now priced at $999.


OnePlus is going to launch its TV!


OnePlus founder Pete Lau announced that the company is going to launch its TV as early as next month. About a year ago, OnePlus announced its interest in manufacturing television sets, apart from its popular smartphones. And now, the day of its launch might be sooner than believed!

However, when Lau announced about the release, he didn’t give away many details about the TV gadget. So, we don’t know if the OnePlus TV will run on Android or not. According to filings with the Bluetooth SIG, we were told that the TV will range between 43 and 75 inches diagonally, but nothing is confirmed yet. Previously availed information tells us that the OnePlus TV for India is likely to have a 43-inch panel. A 75-inch model can be expected in the US and China.

Here’s another interesting bit. Lau also said that the TV will be first made available in India. This also means it could take a while to reach other countries. “We are also working hard to launch OnePlus TV in North America, Europe and China regions as soon as we establish partnerships with most of the local and regional content providers,” Lau writes.


China gets its first 5G phone from ZTE


The launch of the Axon 10 Pro 5G in China by ZTE beats Huawei in the race to launch 5G phones in the home market. However, even if you own a 5G phone, it will still require more time to receive a 5G network in the country till October. But for now, ZTE is leading the race in the 5G smartphone.

The Axon 10 Pro 5G as announced back in February that is equipped with Qualcomm’s generation X50 5G modems, making it the first-ever device to connect with China’s wireless 5G network. The gadget has a 6.47-inch 1080p AMOLED display for its features.

As for the 5G wireless network, China Mobile is expected to launch the 5G service in October. And by the end of the year, the country hopes to have the network working in more than 50 cities. Apart from China Mobile, other telecom companies like China Unicorn and China Telecom are also working on the 5G network for commercial availability.

Coming right behind ZTE is Huawei with its Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, which was already released in other countries including the UK. Apart from Huawei, OnePlus and  Oppo are also working on launching their 5G mobile devices in the country soon.