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Collective Health raises $205 Million from SoftBank


Collective Health is a startup that works on enterprise employee healthcare management. The company recently raised a round of funding where SoftBank has released $205 million. The series E round has brought the total value of Collect Health to $434 million.


Founded in 2013, Collective Health has come a long way since. Today it has large companies like Zendesk, Pinterest, and Red Bull as its clients. With the fresh round of funding, Collective Health hopes to get more financial support from companies like Sun Life, GV, DFJ, and others. Collective Health is an integrating platform for the various insurance and benefits providers that large employers offer to their employees.

Collective Health also provides support for providers to ease their access to information, aid with claims filing,  eligibility checks and, data sharing across vendors. The funding from SoftBank will give Collective Health the boost to hire more engineering help to keep the platform extending.

Apart from this, the startup will also increase the number of partner providers to keep climbing its growth ladder. The aim that collective Health has in mind to keep expanding so that it can serve more and more customers and employees in the US.

NHS medical advice from Alexa in the UK now


The National Health Services (NHS) of the UK has now opened a unique partnership with Amazon Alexa. From henceforth, you can ask Alexa for health advice that will be provided to you from the NHS website. This means, Alexa is equipped to answer your healthcare-related queries like: “Alexa, what are the symptoms of flu?” or “Alexa, how do I treat a migraine?”

The answers for these type of questions will be informed to Alexa via the NHS health professionals and experts. These are the people who are available online on the website. At the moment, the new feature is available in a wide range of places including WebMD and the Mayo Clinic.

The unique partnership is especially useful for people who can simply call out to Alexa for help. It is beneficial for those with disabilities and for those who can’t handle the computer. And although there isn’t any new skill that Alexa has picked up, the move is an advancing step for the NHS.

The idea behind this move is to reduce the burden on healthcare professionals in the country says the UK’s Department of Health. With the Alexa partnership, people will now have access to reliable advice on health-related queries with the assurance of the NHS.