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KERUBIEL - A Revolutionary in the World of IT

As times are changing, enterprises are learning to adapt to the IT sector boom. Emerging as a rising star from among the 100s of IT companies in Hungary and aiming to create a global impact is KERUBIEL Consulting Ltd. KERUBIEL has paved its way towards being one of the most admired IT companies with some exemplary achievements thanks to its visionary CEO and Founder.

KERUBIEL: For the People

KERUBIEL is admired for its relationship approach with its clients. The mission of KERUBIEL is to improve service offerings to ensure their clients compliance with the information security rules and regulations. The KERUBIEL team gives due importance to the feedback received from their clients to undertake constructive changes in the functioning of their company and how services are provided.

The company plays a vital role when it comes to organizing professional community engagements in the field of data processing, information security, IT, and ICT.

Courage of KERUBIEL

KERUBIEL has had to face countless roadblocks and challenges before attaining the success it enjoys today.

As the technology sector constantly evolves it becomes tough to keep up with legal and technological advancements. The active competition, need for innovation and growth added to their challenges. The fast-evolving environment of the tech industry kept the team charged up to surge ahead of competition.

Another major unforeseen hurdle that all the organizations faced was the COVID pandemic. Acting fast they advised their teams to work from home, to ensure their safety and well-being. Since the majority of services do not require on-site presence, the work from home regime did not affect their working and delivery.

Next, they advised their clients to expand their infrastructure, and they guaranteed security from cyberattacks, phishing, and other threats. KERUBIEL stayed vigilant and employed its skills and expertise to help their clients adapt to the uncertain pandemic times and ensure a safe environment.

Provisions and Services of KERUBIEL

KERUBIELS primary offerings are consultation services in the field of IT, information security, and data protection. They also provide,

  • IT Audits
  • IT Security Services
  • GDPR Services
  • Outsourced Expert Services
  • Research and Development
  • Certified Expert Witness
  • Artificial intelligence-based network solutions
  • Ethical hacking
  • Preparation of BCP and DRP.

Services in areas of data processing and data governances are most sought after. KERUBIEL aims to provide exceptional solutions and consultations in the sectors of GDPR compliance, data security, and risk assessments.

They try to add value to the growth of the industry by promoting interactions and exchanges between experts.

  • They have established projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.
  • They are aiming at simplifying cybersecurity with the use of AI-based solutions.
  • They are developing a VR-based health appliance to help people suffering from strokes.

When asked about other such products, Mr. Dellei mentioned, “KERUBIEL is also developing a new IoT-based solution for the orthodontic, in close cooperation with knowledge centres, such as the University of Pisa and the University of Malta, and British and Cyprian research centres.”

Furthermore, the company is contributing to the development of Cyber Threat systems. One of their products won the product development grand prize of IT Business Awards, in 2019. KERUBIEL is now associated with the Hungarian AI Coalition and regularly participates in its undertakings.

Future of KERUBIEL

At KERUBIEL, the interests of their employees are well safeguarded. They constantly arrange participative workshops, seminars, and informative sessions to add to employee knowledge and skill. The CEO recommends new and useful qualifications for employees in their respective practice areas. The company believes that employees are the reason KERUBIEL stands tall and proud among its peers.

Food for Thought

Advice from an experienced man is always treated like a gem by those who seek success. Quoting Mr. Dellei’s, “Patience is of utmost importance for a successful company. Success is not immediate. It comes in time if the company works hard to achieve the goals set out in a well-defined strategy. Even if you have found the right way, minor setbacks are always waiting for you. If you overcome them and you clearly show the path for others, especially your employees, you will experience success.”

No one acquires success overnight; to be like KERUBIEL and to be admired like them, one must start thinking like them!


Dellei László György


The Inspiration Behind KERUBIEL

Run by Mr. Laszlo Dellei, an expert in the field of Information Technology, data protection, and Information Security. With the adoption of technology growing at a fast pace the turning point for Mr. Dellei came in 2017 when the General Data Protection Regulation was adopted, and he established KERUBIEL Ltd.

In the words of Mr. Dellei, the fundamental inspiration behind his company was “to merge expertise gained in multiple areas, to offer complex, personalized, and rapid counselling to clients, and to provide a small, but ambitious fora for experts willing to cooperate and to exchange knowledge and skills.”