LUXE Digital Now LLC “Driving Change and Delivering Real Business Impact”

Digital marketing has changed the face of business. Today the most successful brands can reach across language, ethnic, and geographic boundaries using marketing. However, successful marketing in a diverse world like this takes nuance. This is where LUXE Digital Now LLC has made its mark. The company will help in growing your brand and will connect you to the diverse audience of today's world. Creative spirit has been the driving force behind the formation of LUXE Digital Now LLC. The company set foot into the market in 2018 and aims to restructure the digital marketing landscape that can build strategies to transform a business. LUXE Digital Now LLC is a modern management consultancy that can major marketing problems faced by a business. It aims to be the leader in the world of digital marketing not just in the U.S. but across the globe. LUXE Digital Now LLC is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and has a London, UK headquarters abroad.The company has spread its wings to reach out to organizations in the U.S. and also in the international market. It works with the clients to work out the best solution for the business.

AiDAS An Exclusive Design by LUXE Digital Now LLC

The company has put in all its efforts to contrive a premier software technology, An AI Data Digital Marketing technology, AiDAS is a cloud program created for global corporations to help them secure a complete autonomy in e-commerce, digital technologies, and digital marketing data.

Working with a Transformative Vision

LUXE Digital Now LLC is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing. The company combines data insight with their design creativity to develop strategies that transform the face of business. It aims to be the digital marketing technology company offering services not just in the UK and US but also globally.

LUXE Digital Now LLC is a group of creatives working together to provide highly professional and result-oriented solutions to their clients. The company also provides consulting and advisory services that assist corporate businesses. In fact, the company swears that it can compete with any leading brand in the industry.

Core Principal of LUXE Digital Now LLC

LUXE Digital Now LLC has an influential position in the market. It works for all luxurious brands. The company design an innovative solution for clients. It focuses on creating social media campaigns that strengthen their client's foothold in the market. They know that luxury brands are different than regular brands and so are their target customers.

Company Employees, the Building Blocks

LUXE Digital Now LLC has exceptionally talented and creative employees under its umbrella. All employees, starting from agency partners and C-Level Executives are highly qualified for their roles. It takes a group of talented individuals to make LUXE Digital Now LLC what it is today and the contributions of the employees cannot be disregarded. They are the true building blocks.LUXE Digital Now LLC launched its first project with the AiDAS system. The company worked with the top beauty firms across the world to provide the best experience in regards to data technology solutions. Today, a large portion of people use smartphones and other devices to browse the internet and social media platforms. Hence, the potential of the digital marketing and technology industry is insurmountable. LUXE Digital Now LLC takes advantage of this multi-billion-dollar industry to make sure their client's brand has an active presence and reach out to the target customers. AiDAS is a billion-dollar software product providing data solutions to their investors.
LUXE Digital Now LLC envisions itself as the unicorn company that works on innovative digital marketing solutions in this ever-changing world of business. The company takes every tactical advantage they have to create a successful team.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Jacqueline Hudson, CEO and Founder

Jacqueline Hudson, the CEO and the Founder of LUXE Digital Now LLC is an award-winning executive. Apart from being a brand asset and communication executive, she also has experience with designing and implementing communication campaigns using channel success metrics. Hudson has been a consultant and a communications executive across various industries including beauty, fashion, cosmetics, luxury, technology, and real estate. She has highly-skilled in the digital marketing arena and is adept in working in different departments like brand marketing, editorials, copywriting, creative content management, and project management. She has knowledge in a web-based content management system that includes Google Analytics, analytical system, SEM, SEO,Quantcast, ComScore, and also social media developments. Jacqueline Hudson has been honored with a place in Top 40 Under 40 in Top 100 Magazine. She is a PgD degree holder from the Digital Marketing Institute of Dublin. Another feather in her cap is being an award-winning nominee at the American Marketing Association. In 2019, she was nominated for Top 50 Elite Magazine. Being a global speaker, Hudson has lectured over 14 countries across the world. She always wanted to be an industry leader in the field of digital marketing and thus, moved on to higher education. Having done has extensive research on colleges, as well as universities, she came across the Digital Marketing Institute. She enrolled herself in the postgraduate program. Talking about her progress after the course she said, “My progression with the course has expanded absolutely everything for me in all areas of digital marketing. I truly feel like a world expert in the field and it's given me the choice to work for any company in the world.” She has extensive skills in the digital marketing arena.

Quotes – “Luxe Digital LLC have exceptional talent serving at all ends of the spectrum, from our C- Level Executives, to our software engineers and agency partners.” “As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the landscape of the ever-changing business world. Take every tactical advantage you can, build successful teams, believe in the power of education in your field.” “Professionalism is our middle name, top talent at LUXE Digital Now is only the best that will support your project. We enable businesses to amplify visibility across the digital space. We do this through our software platforms and services that help our clients.”