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10 Best Companies of the year 2021

As a worldwide professional consultancy, Projectivity Solutions helps organizations focus on essential activities, create convergent team thinking, and clarify responsibilities by designing and implementing solutions to focus and achieve measurable results. The Projectivity program produces results, and that’s the driving force for the company today.  Projectivity Solutions’ four-step critical assessment method provides a quick overview of the company’s activities, strategy, and performance compared to others in the industry. The findings create a work plan with goals, tasks, and metrics. The assessment results provide insights to root causes for the implementation of customized solutions for clients.


P_Bristol sc

Phil Bristol,
Founder & Managing Principal


Orri Bjornsson
Chief Executive Officer

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Seeing the opportunity for growth in a relatively new industry, entrepreneur Orri Björnsson became the leader of infant startup Algalif in 2013. Today, Algalif a part of Sana Pharma Holding, is a major player in the European Biotechnology sector and a global leader in the production of sustainable micro algae.

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Ikon strives to be the number one trusted partner of franchise dealers by providing reliable and user-friendly application services so that their clients can save on time and money while building long-lasting relationships with their customers. Ikon’s commitment to providing the highest quality hardware and software solutions sets it apart from the industry.


Pavlik 1.1.2021-10013

Sam Mahrouq
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mike Headshot

Michael Whife
Chief Executive Officer & President

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Selling Simplified Group, Inc. (SSG) is a renowned and innovative B2B demand gen company, controlling more than 160M+ global records. Selling Simplified provides a complete suite of martech solutions, including data-driven demand gen and analytics, with a core mission of helping businesses form better B2B connections.

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Imagine a company that processes payrolls for over 150 nations and provides data analytics and reporting capabilities while maintaining data security. Introducing Immedis Inc., a global leader in consolidated payroll systems that works with some of the world’s famous enterprises, such as McAfee, Adobe, ServiceNow, and Nutanix.


Ruairi Kelleher
Chief Executive Officer


Ingmar Høgøy
CEO & Co-Founder

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Greentech Innovators AS has a straightforward motto: “Waste is valuable”. Established in 2018, the company has a dedicated team with a scientific outlook; they seek to harness the best out of the waste. This dedication has helped them create a procedure for waste food management that minimizes the production of greenhouse gases by transforming the food waste into valuable protein and omega-3 products that can be used as substitutes for aquatic feed. Greentech Innovators AS aims to help solve one of the biggest environmental problems, global warming. This very well-known global issue is responsible for erratic climate changes, unusual natural calamities, and disruptions in aquaculture. Since its inception, the company has spent time searching for viable solutions to solve these issues.

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

DailyPay Inc. is a New York-based technology company providing payroll services to enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. They work with companies large and small from healthcare to local restaurants. It was founded in 2016 by two scholarly entrepreneurs to ensure that every individual connected with the client company always gets money at the right time.
In May 2021, DailyPay raised $500 million in capital for scaling their business and bolstering their financial technology platform and welcomed Carrick Capital Partners as their new investors.

Jason Lee_CEO and Founder of DailyPay (2) (1)

Jason Lee
CEO & Founder


Bill Johnson
Chairman & Founder

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Integrity, Excellence, Caring, Kindness, Fairness, Teamwork, Good Feelings, and Fun—these are the values that are at the core of the Liberty Company Insurance Brokers Inc. Founded in 1987 by Chairman Bill Johnson, Liberty Company Insurance Brokers Inc., or just the Liberty Company, is a private insurance brokers company and one of the fastest-growing firms in the country.

They boast of an award-winning work culture, which is energetic, entrepreneurial, and collaborative. The insurance brokerage firm is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates in location across the U.S. The company is led by its dynamic Chairman and founder, Bill Johnson, and their CEO Jerry Pickett.   

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Balance by Nature is a renowned employee wellness company that strives to create cultures of better health. The company started in 2012 by offering corporate yoga services and has grown exponentially to gain recognition at the international level.

Balance by Nature’s mission is to inspire employees and improve health, morale, focus, and even productivity. They have a wide range of wellness experiences to choose from, delivering impactful programs for corporations that understand the value in supporting the physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial well-being of their staff.

Nicole Mixdorf 2019

Nicole Mixdorf
CEO & Chief Wellness Officer


Ken Lu
Chief Executive Officer

10 Best Companies of the year 2021

Winmate Inc was born in 1994 to meet innovation needs and overcome technical barriers faced by various industries. The company specializes in creating devices that are built for prolonged use, even in harsh environmental conditions. The devices are a product of intensive research and development carried out by the company while focusing on durability and practicality.