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10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021


The process of planning a city is complex, and planning a sustainable city while keeping in mind the effect it will have on the environment over a long period is even more complicated. Creating cities that will sustain long-term economic, lifestyle, and technology-led changes is also a monetary challenge mostly because city officials are typically looking for ways and means to build a city with an approach that is led by a best-cost or low-cost attitude. As the years pass by, towns gradually expand into cities. There was little thought that went into the future of a city’s growth and expansion by those looking into city planning. The Centre for Future of Places came into being as a body to develop a response to the turmoil and pressure experienced by expanding metropolitan cities around the world.

10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021


Established in 1976, Apple Inc. is a common name across the world. One of the top pioneers in the US IT industry, Apple has been at the helm of developing products that make top-class user experience. From iPads to iPhones and accessories, Apple has set a tone for innovation that their competitors have no choice but to follow. With an astonishing 1 billion users globally, this IT company enjoys one of the most loyal customer bases you can find anywhere in the world. Apple sold its billionth iPhone in 2016.

10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021


Armadillo Group Limited, popularly known as Armadillo, is a respected name among businesses for its regulatory compliance management business. Armadillo is a RegTech aggregator that provides various services that complement every business compliance need. The company is known for offering multiple innovative solutions for regulated industries, including offerings by group companies as Armadillo Corporate Solutions, Armadillo Business Information, and Armadillo Legal. The group provides cost-efficient services to its clients to analyze individual, company, industry, regulatory and legal information per their specific requirements.Steering the group that provides due diligence on over 380 million companies stands a man with a vision and a committed team, Emmanuel Cohen, the CEO and founder.

Emmanuel Cohen
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10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021

Bowes In-Home Care

is one such at-home health care provider service that has set a splendid example for the healthcare industry. They have entirely re-imagined home health care using new technologies and new techniques to give a new direction to patient care. Their home care staff coordinates information and care, assists patients and caregivers with direct problem solving, and provides patient-centered support to address issues, barriers, and challenges to achieve a stabilized home environment. Countless patients have enjoyed the best quality in-home care services of a brand that believes in prioritizing patient safety, comfort, and individual care

10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021

Hemostemix Inc.

Hemostemix Inc (HEM) is a Biotechnology Company providing a technology platform for clinical research and development of cell therapies to treat ischemic diseases. Hemostemix is targeting to save 1,000,000 limbs lost to amputation in North America each year needlessly.

thomas smeenk president and ceo Hemostemix
10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021

Home Helpers

“Each Care Plan is unique. Our goal is to help your loved ones retain their independence, and what is required to accomplish this is unique to each client. That’s why all of our care begins with in Home Care Assessment,” continued Dickison. “Care Assessments can be done in-home or virtually and are the foundation for helping craft the proper support. The assessment evaluates the safety, personal care needs, and social-emotional needs of clients.

10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021


What came to life as an idea between two childhoods friends in the 1970s has become a “Tech Empire” that is a source of livelihood for around 166,475 people. The company’s net worth of one trillion dollars is a historical achievement and is hailed as one of the largest enterprises in the ranks of Amazon, Google, and more. In addition to this, Microsoft has also absorbed several platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub, fueling the company’s overall growth.

CEO Photo Microsoft
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10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021


Founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix Incorporation is currently among the most popular global brands and is a favourite with its audiences for online TV and movie streaming services. With over 200 million subscribers visiting the platform daily, the streaming giant has garnered more attention in the past decade than any other entertainment streaming service available – online and offline.

10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021

Teach for America

Teach for America is a non-profit venture established in 1989 Teach for America aims to provide underprivileged children access to the formal education they deserve. In doing so, they hope that more children who grew up living below the poverty line can create a stable future. The venture has constantly been working to eradicate the educational inequality in American society

10 Most Influential Companies of The Year 2021

Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is the best and biggest in the entertainment business. This behemoth of the entertainment industry has operations worldwide and a market cap of a whopping 312 billion dollars. It was and always has remained the mission of The Walt Disney Company to entertain people with amazing stories that have to inspire people across generations.