R3 Stem Cell Is Redefining Regenerative Therapies

Motivation and idea behind R3 Stem Cell

The idea for founding the company goes back many years. All thanks to a client who was beginning to incorporate regenerative biologics in his practices. At Arizona State University (ASU), while Dr. Greene studied as an MBA student, he took up this project. He invested months in creating R3 Stem Cell as a class project for which he received appreciation and positive feedback from his professors at ASU. This led to the formation of the company we all know as R3 Stem Cell in 2012. The company has been growing exponentially ever since and has helped change the lives of many patients across the globe. 

Since it’s inception, R3 Stem Cell Centers have performed over 15000 regenerative procedures without a single serious adverse event being reported, an achievement the company is proud of and has gained huge respect for in the industry. The company incorporates the safest techniques and practices in existence, making them the best company to turn to for regenerative procedures. Over the last 5 years, the Stem Cell Regeneration space has seen many new entrants. R3 Stem Cell stands apart from the crowd by adopting superior marketing techniques and better biologics. With massive success, both in the USA and internationally, there is no doubt that Dr. Greene and R3 Stem Cell will create new industry benchmarks and retain its competitive leadership position for years to come.

The vision behind R3 Stem Cell

Dr. Greene’s vision is to offer modern therapies that are not only effective but also extremely safe. He adds, “When I look at how well patients have done at our Centers both in the US and Internationally, compared with how safe the procedures have been, it’s definitely been a home run journey!”

The traditional medical treatments that include steroids, narcotics, or surgery may have potentially serious complications. With regenerative therapies, the potential exists for the biologics to work with one’s body and assist with actual repair and regeneration rather than act as a “band-aid.” This often helps patients avoid the need for risky drugs or undergo surgical procedures.

R3’s services and products

What makes R3 Stem Cell special? The high-quality biologics are supported by active marketing campaigns, patient and provider education programs, peer to peer network engagements, and IRB Approved protocols. This approach has helped R3 Stem Cell make it to the list of leading companies in the stem cell space. R3 Stem Cell aids practices in the implementation of modern first-grade regenerative campaigns from A to Z.

They accomplish this with the help of the following,

  • Patient marketing and scheduling.
  • Patient education, such as our 8-episode Stem Cell Master Class.
  • Provider Training, which includes monthly in-person workshops with real patients and online assets.
  • A large peer to peer network.
  • First-rate biologics from cGMP compliant labs.
  • IRB Approved Protocols
  • For international practices – they also offer travel
  • logistics and dedicated patient concierge representatives who escort patients and their families to the clinic, including ground transportation.

Initial challenges

Before R3 came into existence, most individuals in the USA either thought stem cell therapy involved using unethical tissue sources or were just unaware of stem cell therapy. The problem was solved by way of extensive consumer education programs. This program has been extremely successful and has found a permanent place in the continuous marketing efforts of the company. 

 Another real market challenge was the sheer lack of factual information available. The company found that the amount of misinformation available is astronomical. This led the company to form its own Medical Training Program a few years ago. R3 Medical Training has served as an amazing way to reach and teach providers with the proper knowledge of biologics, procedures, and techniques. 

Dr. Greene says, “Consumers deserve accurate educational information that explains the technology along with what it may or may not be able to do for them. Having a realistic expectation is key to a positive outcome.”

R3 Stem Cell from an employee’s perspective

R3 is among the few companies that employees love to work for due to their trust in the employees they hire. The company does not micromanage and has full faith that every member will uphold the R3 standards. The R3 team knows that its mission is to provide a platform for successful patient outcomes with safe and cost-effective therapies. They have a distributed workforce system to save time on traffic, management, productivity, and effective use of personal time. Everyone on their team is passionate about the mission.

Also, those on the R3 team know they have a significant amount of agent authority. The adage of “Don’t come to me with problems, come with solutions,” engenders positive morale and quicker resolution to problems. The company’s philosophy promotes constructive criticism, which paves the way for a more participative team approach. 

R3 versus the competition

What makes R3 better than the competition is its status as a pioneer & educator in the stem cell regeneration space and their success as enablers for healthcare practice clients. They invest in innovative marketing techniques and take consumer feedback seriously. Their client representatives are available round the clock to respond to every need of the client. Regardless of the request, be it a peer to peer call or a literature review, they strive to provide a solution when they receive the information.

R3 is the only company nationwide to offer a ‘Therapy Commitment’ . That means if one of the clinics performs a procedure with their biologics, and the patient is unhappy after a year, another procedure will be performed for free. The procedure will be at one of the training workshops and performed by experts.

The company’s marketing strategy

One of the reasons R3 is so successful is because of its superior marketing skills. The company incorporates several marketing practices; they have set up large lookalike audience segments to target prospective patients in new markets. They also have seven integrated teams working on mission-critical areas of content creation, social media, pay per click, seo, design, development, and a great answering service. Whether they need marketing collaterals for a client or an online campaign needs to be deployed; the teams enjoy open line communications and can discuss problems to arrive at solutions quickly.

Advice for start-ups from Dr. Greene

A great piece of advice is not to be rigid during your initial setup phase. Being rigid early on hinders business growth and can lead to loss of clients. When R3 Stem cells started, the original plan felt just about right, but they had to pivot and adjust to succeed and stay relevant. Being fluid and tailoring the company to the market demands is important to stay afloat in any market space today. 

“Rise above the negativity and solely focus on what your company does best. Fixating on the negativity and criticism of competitors can lead to your downfall. Instead, be passionate, and success will follow!” adds Dr. Greene.

Cover Page

Dr. David Greene

CEO of R3 Stem Cell

A Visionary Entrepreneur

Meet Dr. David Greene, a multifaceted personality and visionary entrepreneur with many talents and achievements to his credit. He is a retired orthopedic surgeon (MD) with an MBA. Dr. Greene is also an expert in digital marketing and a Ph. D. student in stem cell biology. CEO of R3 Stem Cell, a successful entrepreneur and father of four, he is the epitome of hard work, passion, and a positive mindset that defines the path to success. Dr. Greene has devoted his life to help patients achieve a better quality of life with his ventures.

Dr. Greene has combined his vast medical knowledge with his studies in stem cell biology to bridge the gap between lab and clinical practices. His vision as a CEO of R3 Stem Cell drives him to help people through regenerative therapies and procedures offered by the company. To this end, he has developed a vast network of centers covering 45 practices throughout the USA, Mexico, and Pakistan.

Dr. Greene has written two books on stem cell regeneration and about patient acquisition success for medical practices nationwide. He founded a digital marketing company called US Lead Network in 2009 to add to his portfolio of solutions for the healthcare industry and patients requiring regenerative procedures across the world. The company added another feather in his cap. USL Lead Networks has achieved popularity and success by utilizing over a dozen different techniques to produce qualified patient leads with multiple integrated teams. It may seem that there aren’t many hours in a day for him to do so much, but not only does he manage to pull off the magic at work, he spends time with his wife Debbie, and four children too.