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Brick & Mortar Ventures by Darren Bechtel raises funding

With an emphasis on engineering, facilities management, architecture, construction, etc. Brick & Mortar Ventures is a budding startup in San Francisco. The company has raised $97.2 million for further expansions and growth.

The huge funding comes to the company as its founder is a well-known name. The company is founded by Darren Bechtel, who is quite popular in the world of construction. The firm Bechtel is one of the largest construction firms known globally and Darren Bechtel comes from this group.

As its first round of funding, Brick & Mortar has done well for itself. The funding comes from various construction companies who are going to provide value to the new startup. Apart from these, various other companies have who have participated in the funding and are certain that Brick & Mortar will provide value and developments in their industries.

For instance, you’ll find the software giant Autodesk among the investors along the maker of the special materials- Ardex. There’s also the building materials company CEMEX and a major Japanese construction company called Obayashi. Ferguson Ventures, a firm that comes under U.S distributor of plumbing supplies; Sidewalk Labs; United Rentals, one of the world’s largest equipment rental companies; and FMI are also among the investors.

Rent out your home with the help of Globe

Y Combinator recently accepted a company called Globe into its class of companies. What Globe proposes to do is quite crazy! In fact, Globe is the revamped version of Recharge- a startup that focused on convincing hotels to lent customers to rent their room by the hour. Rebranded as Globe now, the startup focuses on getting guests to stay in people’s home.

That’s right, Globe wants you to stay at people’s home, finish up your commitments in the city/town, and if the host is fine with it- you can even take a shower and nap for a while. The idea sounds very familiar to what Airbnb does, isn’t it? That could probably be the reason why YC is interested in Globe.

However, there is a big difference with what Globe proposes and what Airbnb provides. Here, an interested homeowner can earn an extra income by renting out his home or part of his home for any duration of time. With Airbnb, the guest has to stay a minimum of one night. That isn’t the case with Globe. You come here in the morning and leave before dusk.

Even if your guest is willing to simply crash on your couch and that is fine by you, you can do so with Globe. Even if it’s just for a few hours. Of course, there are multiple security concerns, but Globe is ready to work on it.