Biotech industry of 2020

Transmural Biotech: - Biotech industry of 2020

Today, for your business to succeed, it needs to stay competitive. The medical line needs to innovate new technology that can give good results and great benefit. Without techniques to analyze the scientific world, the game, and how the company can innovate, it stagnates. As medical advances at a rapid pace, a Hospital needs to be able to utilize that technology with innovative concepts. Companies can fail if they can’t grow in this ever-changing world. Innovation is the only way to make a destination statement in the biotech world and continuously gives a newly invented tool on top gear. The long-term strategy of a company is then one of the most critical aspects of the medical world. By developing strategies to stay competitive, the industry has a better chance to succeed.

Transmural Biotech is a group of creative, young, and talented engineers. The main field of expertise in Transmural Biotech has focused on the application of Imaging Processing Techniques to the development of Medical Technologies, correctly oriented to the development of automatic diagnosis tools for complex pathologies. The experienced team has engaged with young talented, and highly encouraged engineers with tremendous academic scores. Most of them are developing their Ph.D. work in Transmural Biotech in a long-term relationship with the pointed Universities settled in Barcelona.

Transmural Biotech was born in 2009 in the hospital clinic university of Barcelona as a spin-off innovation first time. In a short period, it becomes a consolidated company that innovates the artificial intelligence to maternal-fetal health. Miguel Ángel Lorente and David Fernandez are the CEOs of the company. They genuinely believe in scientific innovation, which is working as a passionate team of Transmural Biotech. Transmural Biotech is a work in Quantus FLM (fetal lung maturity test) that has based on ultrasound images, and Quantus PREMATURITY is an application to understand the hazard of spontaneous premature birth early.

An organization of scientific growth

Biotechnology is a commercial industry that concentrates on manipulating living organisms to create medical tools and products. So, this is a perfect idea of this fast-growing scientific industry. Since the first DNA cloning experiments, genetic engineering techniques have developed to create engineered biological molecules and genetically designed microorganisms and cells.

Transmural Biotech allow newly introduced clients to start, grow, and improve the strategy to innovate their organizations. Whether anyone is trying to increase gain, decrease operating costs, or both, they are experience and technologies consistently deliver high-impact, well-managed biotech tools that have engineered to exceed expectations. They haven’t found insurmountable obstacles, but they have to continually pay attention to two factors: the quality and quantity of the images they work on and the interaction with specialist doctors. First of all, they need the maximum possible number of images of the pathologies. But an image would be useless if it is not correctly informed by the specialist regarding the moment and circumstances of the patient in which it has obtained, no matter how high its resolution. The more complete the image information, the faster they move forward in the creation of their tests.

Transmural Biotech believes that COVID-19 tests based on organic samples have too much margin for error. They have achieved more excellent reliability with images taken by tomography, yet obviously, there are few CT scanners. For this reason, many familiar image instruments have been needing: ultrasound scanners. By obtaining enough images taken by ultrasound scanners, they will have a test with a higher degree of accuracy than those currently used. On the other hand, they believe that for COVID-19 or any other pandemics that may come, the future is medical imaging.

The Roadmap Ahead

Transmural Biotech is moving faster than they expected. In 2019 and 2020, they have achieved an essential international recognition, which has resulted in several prestigious awards. They have vast repercussions among investors, world-class hospitals, and distributors, both health specialists (laboratories, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and ultrasound manufacturers. Five years from now, their perspective would be to have the ten diagnostic tests that cover most cancers, have distribution in all geographical areas of the world, and implement their software in the equipment of the six largest diagnostic imaging manufacturers.

Even though Transmural Biotech is just at that point, with recent developments and validations, along with in-process medical projects, in just coming to market, their success is imminent, and their futures very bright in what right now appears to be a very dark world. That’s why Transmural Biotech will be successful over the long term. The company is excited about the road ahead in the digital future.

Few factors that make Transmural Biotech reliable

Transmural Biotech is very clear about these factors:

  • Magnificent computer engineers
  • Permanent contact with specialist doctors
  • The understanding of companies projects by their shareholders
  • The distribution capacity of their partners for countries and geographical areas
  • The distribution capacity of their partners for countries and geographical areas
  • Their tests’ characteristics are reliability, non-invasiveness, and diagnostic speed compared to the traditional ones.

The Team- Strength for Transmural Biotech

Reliable and robust team spirit makes any project or work more effective and close to the heart of everyone. Miguel Ángel Lorente and David Fernandez founded the company at an earlier age. They keep the limited number of employees in his team. To keep a few employees makes them hard workers and loyal about his work. They knew the present COVID-19 pandemic condition of all over the world.

Transmural Biotech technical management is highly specialized in the most innovative Artificial Intelligence. The dialogue with the different types of engineers working on the creation of algorithms is the most enriching one: the open discussion of the technical area and the relative of the technology according to the opinions given by specialist doctors—organizational charts of Transmural Biotech only of relative importance. The opening mindset, which is necessary for a complex technology business, is accomplished by working methods, and not with the old management systems.


Miguel Ángel Lorente

CEO and Co founder

Introduce Leadership

Transmural Biotech has many right artificial intelligence specialists that investigate all routes of
peace of mind that regulate financial success. Miguel Ángel Lorente and David Fernandez
founded it to provide the best infant lung disease recognition. In these 11 years, Transmural
Biotech gave excellent care to infant lung health and developed different tools or software to
result quickly.